Friday, May 29, 2015

Payson Temple Open House

We had the opportunity in May to visit the Payson Temple Open House.  Boy, is it a beautiful temple.  This is the third temple open house we've been able to attend in less than four years.  I feel quite fortunate about that!  When we went through the Ogden Temple Open House I posted some ideas of things I did to prepare my boys for it.  Here is that post.
It was really cold the day that we went and we actually lucked out because it started to rain as we were leaving.  As a result most people stayed on one side of the temple and didn't linger long.  We went all the way around though, and it paid off because we were able to get some pictures without crowds of people in the background. 

The temple open houses that I have attended all begin with meeting either in a stake center across from the temple or another building nearby.  They show you a short video and then you are able to go through the temple.  It guides you along and volunteers are throughout the temple making sure there aren't any strays.  Sometimes I have felt rushed, but for this particular temple I felt like we could take a short amount of time to look as we slowly walked through every part of it.  My kids all really enjoyed the experience.  My oldest and youngest said that their favorite part was the baptismal font, my middle son said he enjoyed all the artwork throughout.