Thursday, June 26, 2014

Scripture Heroes: Moroni

Today we talked about Moroni and truth.  You can download his Scripture Hero Chart here.
 We watched the final two chapters in the Book of Mormon LDS Scripture videos.  I played a game that they really enjoyed I would make a statement and if it was true they stood up, if it was untrue they laid down.  For example, I would say, "The sky is blue."  And they would stand.  When I said, "The grass is purple" they would lay down.  Simple, but they had fund doing that for a while. Then we put together this puzzle I made.
We watched the Living Scripture video clip about Moroni.  We also watched this Book of Mormon video about promise of the Book of Mormon.

We read this story from the Friend about honesty and telling the truth.

Primary Manual 4 Lesson 44 is a good resource to help talk about Moroni.  There isn't a ton of activities out there for Mormon or Moroni which is interesting since they are key people in the Book of Mormon.  We have had a busy week though, so doing less for our Scripture Hero camp has worked out.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Scripture Heroes: Mormon

Today we talked about Mormon from the Book of Mormon. He abridged the Book of Mormon and his son, Moroni recorded many of his teachings after his death.  I thought Hope was a good power for him to have.  He mentions faith, hope, and charity in some teachings Moroni recorded, not to mention I think he had to have hope that someday people would read the writings from the Book of Mormon and believe in them.  You can download his Scripture Chart here.
We watched LDS Scripture Video about Mormon.  We also watched some other videos.  I had a hard time finding activities to do with the kids about Mormon or hope.  You can watch "O Ye Fair Ones" which is a short video with Mormon and Moroni.  A Mother's Hope is a favorite Mormon Channel video that we watched. There is also this video clip about hope.
I made this sign that says "Hope" and cut it out so they could put the puzzle together to figure out how what Mormon's power was.
 After watching the videos and talking about Mormon and what he did throughout his life I used these pictures to have them help me figure out which description matched the picture.
Tomorrow we will talk about Moroni.  Then we will have a week of a break.  When we return we will review those people we talked about in the Book of Mormon and then talk about people in the Old Testament.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Scripture Heroes: Brother of Jared

Today we talked about the Brother of Jared. He had such great faith that he son the finger of Christ.  You can download this Scripture Hero Chart here.
To start of the day I had something hidden under a blanket.  I asked them if they believed there was something under it and when they said yes I asked them why they believed that even though they hadn't seen what was under it.  We talked about how faith is like that.  We believe in Jesus Christ even though we have not seen him.  We also sang "Faith" from the Children's Primary Song Book.
We watched LDS Scripture Videos 50 and 51.  We also watched a short clip of Robert D. Hales talking about the Brother of Jared's faith. We watched another short clip from the Living Scriptures about the Brother of Jared as well.
Two great sources to help talk about the Jaredites and the Brother of Jared specifically are Teaching LDS Children and A Year of FHE's lesson about him where you can also find this coloring page.
 We also played a Faith game from Finch Family Games.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Scripture Heroes: Samuel the Lamanite

Today we talked about Samuel the Lamanite.  His "super power" is prophecy.  You can download this Scripture Hero Chart here.
We watched the LDS Scripture Video about Samuel the Lamanite and then we used these flannel board figures to retell the story.
 We then talked about the different signs that Samuel prophesied about Christ's birth and His death.  They took turns picking the items and putting them in the correct spot.  You can get printables of that here.
 This is a fun little craft of Samuel up on the wall.  My six year old loves to color and was doing it long after my other two had lost interest.
 Here they are with their finished Samuel's on the wall.  We used popsicle sticks to help move Samuel up and down.
 Their favorite part of the day was acting out the scene of Samuel the Lamanite on the wall prophesying and having people throw rocks and arrows at him.  Instead of rocks and arrows though, we used marshmallows.  They all took turns being Samuel.
We also sang this primary song about Samuel.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Scripture Heroes: Stripling Warriors

Today we talked about the Stripling Warriors and honoring our parents.  You can download this Scripture Hero Chart here.
 We watched the LDS Scripture hero video about Helaman and the 2,000 Stripling Warriors.  There are also some Living Scripture video clips about the Stripling Warriors.

I like the characteristic activity that Teaching LDS Children has on their website.  You can find more ideas to cover this topic too.  We went through the scriptures listed and they took turns deciding which characteristic matched each scripture.  I pointed out that these characteristics help us honor our parents.
 You can find this dot-to-dot printable here.
We played this game and they answered the questions as they landed on them.  If they didn't know the answer we would look it up in the scriptures to help them out.
We also sang "We'll Bring the World his Truth".  I thought it was a great song to finish out our week.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Scripture Heroes: Captain Moroni

Captain Moroni has a very valiant man.  If you have any doubt of that you just need to read Alma 48:17.  My oldest was excited to talk about him because he said Captain Moroni was his favorite person in the Book of Mormon. You can download this scripture hero chart here.
 We watched several videos today.  From the LDS Scripture videos we watched Chapter 32, 33, and 34.  We also watched a video called "Firm in the Faith" which is a video about Captain Moroni being a hero and his confrontation with Zerahemnah.

Check out Teaching LDS Children's lesson on Moroni Defeating Zerahemnah and  Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty. We talked about wearing the armor of God and what each piece represents in wearing Spiritual Armor (missing in the picture is the shield and sword).  You can find this to print and the descriptions in the first lesson about Captain Moroni in the link above.
A Year of FHE has a good lesson on Captain Moroni and The Title of Liberty as well.  It also includes this idea of making our own Title of Liberty using paper and straws.
Here are all three with their own Titles of Liberty.
I also came across this cool coloring page about wearing the armor of God.  There is also one for girls.
We also sang "I Will Be Valiant" from the Children's Songbook.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Scripture Heroes: Ammon

Today we talked about Ammon and Missionary Work.  I have always admired Ammon and his devotion to King Lamoni and his people.  You can download his scripture hero chart here.  Check out Free LDS Clip Art for this image and many others.
To help introduce what Ammon's "super power" is I had them put together this puzzle from Finch Family Games. We also watched Ammon: The Great Servant from LDS Scripture videos.  Also check out Living Scriptures Ammon video clips as well.
I did this Attention Activity from Teaching LDS Children.  I didn't think it'd go over too well to actually eat a piece of candy in front of them so I just talked about how awesome it was that I had it and I wasn't sure I wanted to share it and things of that nature.  Then when I decided to share it they had to read what was on the pieces of candy so we could talk about it's importance to the gospel.
We played a fun Might Missionary Game from Finch Family Games.
 We also did this fun little activity sheet finding Lamoni's sheep. We also sang some of the missionary songs you can find in the Children's Songbook.
It was one of those days that I was excited about and my kids ended up fighting over who was going to sit where and getting mad when the game didn't go their way.  Those days can be trying, but other times I have noticed them recognizing that they need to be more like the people in the scriptures we've been learning about and so I think despite the discouraging times they are still learning the messages that I set out for them to learn.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Scripture Heroes: Alma the Younger

Today we talked about Alma the Younger.  You can download his Scripture Hero Chart here.  We watched the LDS Scripture video about Alma the Younger and how he was led to repent of his sins.  Such a wonderful story.
I came across these cute printables from Mormon Mommy Printables and knew that I had to make some for my boys.  They were a bit tedious to cut out, laminate, then put brads in, but I'm glad I did it. They are so cute and they not only helped me tell Alma's story, but then the boys had the chance to play with them and retell the story themselves.  
We spent a good deal of time talking about the steps of repentance.  Teaching LDS Children has these printables and some other ideas to help teach this story.
I put each step on one of our actual steps and then the boys took turns explaining what each thing meant that was on the step they were on.  We used an example of something that happened with my 6 year old last night since he did something he wasn't supposed to and then did the best he could to do follow the steps of repentance from what he'd remembered from things we have talked about before.  
 Living Scriptures has a little video clip about Alma the Younger.   A Year of FHE also has a great lesson to help teach about Alma the Younger.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Scripture Heroes: Alma

Today we talked about Alma and baptism.  I couldn't find much in the way of clip art or pictures of Alma which seemed weird.  You can download his Scripture Hero Chart here. (I fixed the typo on the downloadable version)
 We did the rock/burden activity that Teaching LDS Children has covering this topic.  The rocks have a "burden" taped to it.  I had my youngest put on a backpack and we put all the burdens in his bag, then I had the other two help lift the burden by taken a rock out, reading the situation, and saying what they could do to help someone in that situation.  Blue Skies Above has a similar idea using soup cans.
We watched the LDS Scripture video about Alma escaping King Noah and teaching and baptizing people. We then talked about what happened with Alma.  We talked about Baptism and the covenants we make when we get baptized. My 8 year old was baptized at the end of December so it is something we have talked about fairly recently.  I love these printables that help cover our covenants and the promises we can receive by keeping those covenants.
We sang "When I Am Baptized" which is better known by my four year old as "the rainbow song".  We also talked about the Fourth Article of Faith, which my older two had memorized at one time, but had forgotten a great deal of it.

Then we played another Family Finch Game called "Baptism Bingo".  I kind of made up my own rules for it.  I used review questions from all the people we have talked about the last week and a half.  I was pleased that they were able to answer all my questions correctly.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Scripture Heroes: Abinadi

Today we talked about Abinadi.  You can download his scripture hero chart here. I used clip art from Free LDS Clip Art. I love how Abinadi stood strong and testified even as he was being burned to death and thought it was appropriate to make his power testimony.  
 As always we watched the LDS scripture video about Abinadi and King Noah.  We also watched a little video clip from Living Scriptures.

I told the story using these flannel board figures.  After that we sang "I Belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" instead of just sitting or standing I marched around our living room and had them follow me as we sang.
A Year of FHE has a great lesson about Abinadi.  It also includes this book mark that each of my children colored. Then I laminated them and we put ribbon through them .
I also used another game that I got out of a Finch Family Game book.  You can see their website here.  This game was about testimonies.  We had to spell out the word testimony by matching the cards up.  The cards were different things we can have a testimony about.
After the game I bore my testimony to my children and gave them the opportunity to share their testimonies as well.  They have already guessed that we will be talking about Alma next.  :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Scripture Heroes: King Benjamin

Today we talked about King Benjamin.  You can download his Scripture Hero Chart here.   There are many wonderful things that King Benjamin taught, but I thought focusing on service and Mosiah 2:17 would be best for him.
 We watched the LDS Scripture video about King Benjamin.  A Year of FHE has a wonderful lesson about King Benjamin I used it to help teach my kids about him and we also did this fun printable.
They each colored something and then we looked up the scriptures listed and read them together. 
 I got this coloring page to do from the church's website.  It is a color by number coloring page.
We used toothpicks and marshmallows to make our own towers since King Benjamin had a tower built so that he could be seen and heard by more people.
I thought about different service things we could do and decided to keep it simple.  I want my kids to realize that they can do simple acts of service each day especially in our own home.  I suggested we make their Dad's "lunch" that he takes to work today (he works swing shift so lunch is really dinner).  They loved the idea and even made him a little note for him.  (My youngest did not want to be part of that picture)
 They were really excited to have their dad find out that we had made it for him and so he didn't have to do it.  I think King Benjamin is awesome.  We learn so much from his teachings.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Scripture Heroes: Enos

Today we talked about Enos. Here is a link to his scripture hero chart.  This clip art I used came from Free LDS Clip Art.
To kick off what "super power" Enos had I wrote down the letters that make up the word prayer and mixed them up and had my kids unscramble them to make the word.  My six year old was the first to figure it out.
We watched the LDS scripture video about Enos.  We also watched a Mormon Channel video called Did You Think to Pray?  We actually watched that video several times.  :)
I retold the story and made sure they understood it.  You can get this flannelboard picture from Teaching LDS Children.
A Year of FHE has a wonderful lesson about Enos.  I used that to help tell the story and we also used the coloring page from it.
A Year of FHE also has a wonderful lesson about prayer.  I used the visual to remind the children of the four parts of prayer.  
We also sang "I Pray in Faith" and "A Child's Prayer" from the Children's Song Book.  This link will take you to the list of songs about prayer from that book.

I really liked this activity from Teaching LDS Children.  First I picked up one of the phones and pretended to call someone, but no one picked up.  I talked about how Heavenly Father wants to talk to us, but we need to "pick up the phone" and the way to do that is to pray.  Then we did the activity taking turns.  The questions went on the large phone and the answers the children would put on the small phone.  

You can check out all the links to Nephi here.

*Note:  I know that the people in the scriptures are in fact, just people who had imperfections.  However, I am using the idea of Scripture Super Heroes to help my children learn about people in the scriptures.  I also know that they have many admirable qualities than the super power I gave them.  I point this out to my children.  This is just a fun way that I came up with to help familiarize my kids with people in the scriptures.