Monday, June 9, 2014

Scripture Heroes: Enos

Today we talked about Enos. Here is a link to his scripture hero chart.  This clip art I used came from Free LDS Clip Art.
To kick off what "super power" Enos had I wrote down the letters that make up the word prayer and mixed them up and had my kids unscramble them to make the word.  My six year old was the first to figure it out.
We watched the LDS scripture video about Enos.  We also watched a Mormon Channel video called Did You Think to Pray?  We actually watched that video several times.  :)
I retold the story and made sure they understood it.  You can get this flannelboard picture from Teaching LDS Children.
A Year of FHE has a wonderful lesson about Enos.  I used that to help tell the story and we also used the coloring page from it.
A Year of FHE also has a wonderful lesson about prayer.  I used the visual to remind the children of the four parts of prayer.  
We also sang "I Pray in Faith" and "A Child's Prayer" from the Children's Song Book.  This link will take you to the list of songs about prayer from that book.

I really liked this activity from Teaching LDS Children.  First I picked up one of the phones and pretended to call someone, but no one picked up.  I talked about how Heavenly Father wants to talk to us, but we need to "pick up the phone" and the way to do that is to pray.  Then we did the activity taking turns.  The questions went on the large phone and the answers the children would put on the small phone.  

You can check out all the links to Nephi here.

*Note:  I know that the people in the scriptures are in fact, just people who had imperfections.  However, I am using the idea of Scripture Super Heroes to help my children learn about people in the scriptures.  I also know that they have many admirable qualities than the super power I gave them.  I point this out to my children.  This is just a fun way that I came up with to help familiarize my kids with people in the scriptures.

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  1. Hi.

    My name is Melissa. I like your blog about Enos. There is so much to learn from his story.

    Here is what I could find.
    *Belief in Christ
    *The Gospel brings peace and happiness
    *Missionary work

    I am sure there is much more that we can find in Enos' story, but I just wanted to share what I had learned when studying his words.

    I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has the fullness of the Gospel. I love that you are teaching others about the gospel. It is one the greatest gifts that we can share with our brothers and sisters. Young and old, friend or associate, family or neighbor.

    Thank you for sharing your ideas on how to teach children about Enos and his story.

    Melissa Richardson