Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Scripture Heroes: Alma the Younger

Today we talked about Alma the Younger.  You can download his Scripture Hero Chart here.  We watched the LDS Scripture video about Alma the Younger and how he was led to repent of his sins.  Such a wonderful story.
I came across these cute printables from Mormon Mommy Printables and knew that I had to make some for my boys.  They were a bit tedious to cut out, laminate, then put brads in, but I'm glad I did it. They are so cute and they not only helped me tell Alma's story, but then the boys had the chance to play with them and retell the story themselves.  
We spent a good deal of time talking about the steps of repentance.  Teaching LDS Children has these printables and some other ideas to help teach this story.
I put each step on one of our actual steps and then the boys took turns explaining what each thing meant that was on the step they were on.  We used an example of something that happened with my 6 year old last night since he did something he wasn't supposed to and then did the best he could to do follow the steps of repentance from what he'd remembered from things we have talked about before.  
 Living Scriptures has a little video clip about Alma the Younger.   A Year of FHE also has a great lesson to help teach about Alma the Younger.

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