Thursday, June 12, 2014

Scripture Heroes: Alma

Today we talked about Alma and baptism.  I couldn't find much in the way of clip art or pictures of Alma which seemed weird.  You can download his Scripture Hero Chart here. (I fixed the typo on the downloadable version)
 We did the rock/burden activity that Teaching LDS Children has covering this topic.  The rocks have a "burden" taped to it.  I had my youngest put on a backpack and we put all the burdens in his bag, then I had the other two help lift the burden by taken a rock out, reading the situation, and saying what they could do to help someone in that situation.  Blue Skies Above has a similar idea using soup cans.
We watched the LDS Scripture video about Alma escaping King Noah and teaching and baptizing people. We then talked about what happened with Alma.  We talked about Baptism and the covenants we make when we get baptized. My 8 year old was baptized at the end of December so it is something we have talked about fairly recently.  I love these printables that help cover our covenants and the promises we can receive by keeping those covenants.
We sang "When I Am Baptized" which is better known by my four year old as "the rainbow song".  We also talked about the Fourth Article of Faith, which my older two had memorized at one time, but had forgotten a great deal of it.

Then we played another Family Finch Game called "Baptism Bingo".  I kind of made up my own rules for it.  I used review questions from all the people we have talked about the last week and a half.  I was pleased that they were able to answer all my questions correctly.

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