Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Scripture Heroes: Abinadi

Today we talked about Abinadi.  You can download his scripture hero chart here. I used clip art from Free LDS Clip Art. I love how Abinadi stood strong and testified even as he was being burned to death and thought it was appropriate to make his power testimony.  
 As always we watched the LDS scripture video about Abinadi and King Noah.  We also watched a little video clip from Living Scriptures.

I told the story using these flannel board figures.  After that we sang "I Belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" instead of just sitting or standing I marched around our living room and had them follow me as we sang.
A Year of FHE has a great lesson about Abinadi.  It also includes this book mark that each of my children colored. Then I laminated them and we put ribbon through them .
I also used another game that I got out of a Finch Family Game book.  You can see their website here.  This game was about testimonies.  We had to spell out the word testimony by matching the cards up.  The cards were different things we can have a testimony about.
After the game I bore my testimony to my children and gave them the opportunity to share their testimonies as well.  They have already guessed that we will be talking about Alma next.  :)

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