Friday, June 6, 2014

Scripture Heroes: Nephi Part V

We wrapped up talking about Nephi and having courage today.  You can download the scripture hero chart here.  We watched three of the LDS Scripture videos today "Building the Ship", "Crossing the Sea", and "A New Home in the Promised Land".  After we watched the videos we talked more in depth and reviewed what we had learned about Nephi building a boat and crossing the sea as well as what happened after they arrived to the Promised Land.   We also watched some Living Scripture video clips.
 Teaching LDS children has some good ideas including this worksheet where you can discuss the types of tools Nephi used to build his boat.  I had my children guess and then we talked about how he had to make the tools himself and they decided which tools looked more hand made.
 Teaching LDS Children also has this fun game to help get our boat to the promised land by doing things that invites the Spirit.  It was a simple game where we worked together and everyone was a winner.
 I thought we needed to make some origami boats ourselves and I found this really cute printable that looks like a boat with Nephi inside when it is finished.  Sadly, I could not figure the directions from the website so I had to enlist my husband.  He had it folded in less than two minutes.  He is an advanced origamist, but still... I made him fold enough for each kid.  They were pretty happy about their boats.
 Of course, they needed to try them out in the bath tub. My husband said once when he was in Scouts they used rain gutters that worked well for this.  I don't have any rain gutters so we made do with the bath tub.
 Here is a close up of the finished boat.
Check out our other Nephi activities at the links below:

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