Monday, June 23, 2014

Scripture Heroes: Samuel the Lamanite

Today we talked about Samuel the Lamanite.  His "super power" is prophecy.  You can download this Scripture Hero Chart here.
We watched the LDS Scripture Video about Samuel the Lamanite and then we used these flannel board figures to retell the story.
 We then talked about the different signs that Samuel prophesied about Christ's birth and His death.  They took turns picking the items and putting them in the correct spot.  You can get printables of that here.
 This is a fun little craft of Samuel up on the wall.  My six year old loves to color and was doing it long after my other two had lost interest.
 Here they are with their finished Samuel's on the wall.  We used popsicle sticks to help move Samuel up and down.
 Their favorite part of the day was acting out the scene of Samuel the Lamanite on the wall prophesying and having people throw rocks and arrows at him.  Instead of rocks and arrows though, we used marshmallows.  They all took turns being Samuel.
We also sang this primary song about Samuel.


  1. I just wanted to thank you for sharing these awesome printables and lessons about Book of Mormon Scripture Heroes! This has been so awesome to draw from! I am not that creative so I really appreciate you sharing these with the rest of us! :)

    1. Thank you! I love knowing when I am able to help others out because that is my whole purpose in blogging about it.