Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Scripture Heroes: Nephi Part III

Today we talked more about Nephi more specifically about Lehi's Dream.  You can find this Nephi Hero Chart to download here.  We watched the Church's video about Lehi's Dream
 I used these cute printable flannel board figures from Mormon Mommy Printables to help retell the story and really emphasis what the things in Lehi's dream represented. Teaching LDS Children is a great aid for this and gives the scripture reference as well.
I taught them the first first of "Hold to the Rod" which you can find in the Hymn book on page 274 or here
We also watched a clip from the Living Scriptures video the link also has more ideas to go along with this topic.  A Year of FHE also has a great lesson for Lehi's Dream.  I adapted her activity for us in following the iron rod.  First I put out some obstacles and put a frisbee at the end with some Starbursts. Then they each took turns with a blindfold and no help trying to find the frisbee and Starbursts.  In fact, the other two boys had fun trying to distract them from getting to the end goal.
 Then I had one of them lead the other with the yard stick being the iron rod straight to the frisbee and starburst.  Of course, we talked about how it all correlated with Lehi's Dream.  We also talked about Nephi and how he had courage to hold to the rod and make good choices throughout his entire life.
 I have a few books from Family Finch Games that my mom gave me a while ago and so I will be putting as many as I can to good use as we study these scripture heroes.  In one of the books there was a "Hold to the Rod Game"  They have a great website where you can buy books or things to download.  I had to print off the things for the game, color them, cut them out and laminate them, but we had a great time.
 Here are the game pieces.  They rolled the dice and went around the board.  They had to pick something from the hold to the rod pile or letting go pile and read what they picked as they went along.
You can find Nephi Part I here and Nephi Part II here.

Also be sure to check out the great links I have on the side bar on the right.  They are great resources for any LDS topic.

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