Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Scripture Heroes: Brother of Jared

Today we talked about the Brother of Jared. He had such great faith that he son the finger of Christ.  You can download this Scripture Hero Chart here.
To start of the day I had something hidden under a blanket.  I asked them if they believed there was something under it and when they said yes I asked them why they believed that even though they hadn't seen what was under it.  We talked about how faith is like that.  We believe in Jesus Christ even though we have not seen him.  We also sang "Faith" from the Children's Primary Song Book.
We watched LDS Scripture Videos 50 and 51.  We also watched a short clip of Robert D. Hales talking about the Brother of Jared's faith. We watched another short clip from the Living Scriptures about the Brother of Jared as well.
Two great sources to help talk about the Jaredites and the Brother of Jared specifically are Teaching LDS Children and A Year of FHE's lesson about him where you can also find this coloring page.
 We also played a Faith game from Finch Family Games.

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