Thursday, June 26, 2014

Scripture Heroes: Moroni

Today we talked about Moroni and truth.  You can download his Scripture Hero Chart here.
 We watched the final two chapters in the Book of Mormon LDS Scripture videos.  I played a game that they really enjoyed I would make a statement and if it was true they stood up, if it was untrue they laid down.  For example, I would say, "The sky is blue."  And they would stand.  When I said, "The grass is purple" they would lay down.  Simple, but they had fund doing that for a while. Then we put together this puzzle I made.
We watched the Living Scripture video clip about Moroni.  We also watched this Book of Mormon video about promise of the Book of Mormon.

We read this story from the Friend about honesty and telling the truth.

Primary Manual 4 Lesson 44 is a good resource to help talk about Moroni.  There isn't a ton of activities out there for Mormon or Moroni which is interesting since they are key people in the Book of Mormon.  We have had a busy week though, so doing less for our Scripture Hero camp has worked out.

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  1. How many scripture heros do you have? How many are you going to make? I was thinking that it would be really cool if we could put it together for our primary next year and give them a card every week. :)