Thursday, June 5, 2014

Scripture Heroes: Nephi Part IV

Today we talked about Nephi again.  In particular we talked about things that happened while they were traveling in the wilderness.  We talked about them going back to Jerusalem to bring Ishmael's family with them, the Liahona, and Nephi's bow breaking.  Here is Nephi's hero chart.
 We watched the LDS Scripture video about them traveling in the wilderness and then discussed the things that happened in more detail.  Teaching LDS Children is always a good source if you need some guidelines for telling the story.

Here is a dot-to-dot of the Liahona that the kids each did of their own.
 Here is my 8 year old with his finished Liahona.
 I found this cute idea using pencils, rubber bands, and tape to make bows and arrows. (The link shows a better picture of it)  I thought it'd be a big hit, but sadly only my 8 year old had much fun with it. The other two found it too challenging for their little fingers to use properly.  Quite frankly, it was kind of a rough day all around.  I didn't have a lot planned because I felt the other days were kind of big, but my main event was the bow and arrows and it kind of flopped.  Hopefully, they still remember the message of the story which is the main point I am trying to get across anyway.
You can also check out Blues Skies Ahead for more ideas about Nephi's Bow.  Book of Mormon Kids also has some fun ideas with this topic.
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  1. I have used all your ideas!! Thank you so much for putting this together! My kids are loving all the Hero's, lessons and activities!! I can't tell you in words how truly grateful I am!!