Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Scripture Heroes: Ammon

Today we talked about Ammon and Missionary Work.  I have always admired Ammon and his devotion to King Lamoni and his people.  You can download his scripture hero chart here.  Check out Free LDS Clip Art for this image and many others.
To help introduce what Ammon's "super power" is I had them put together this puzzle from Finch Family Games. We also watched Ammon: The Great Servant from LDS Scripture videos.  Also check out Living Scriptures Ammon video clips as well.
I did this Attention Activity from Teaching LDS Children.  I didn't think it'd go over too well to actually eat a piece of candy in front of them so I just talked about how awesome it was that I had it and I wasn't sure I wanted to share it and things of that nature.  Then when I decided to share it they had to read what was on the pieces of candy so we could talk about it's importance to the gospel.
We played a fun Might Missionary Game from Finch Family Games.
 We also did this fun little activity sheet finding Lamoni's sheep. We also sang some of the missionary songs you can find in the Children's Songbook.
It was one of those days that I was excited about and my kids ended up fighting over who was going to sit where and getting mad when the game didn't go their way.  Those days can be trying, but other times I have noticed them recognizing that they need to be more like the people in the scriptures we've been learning about and so I think despite the discouraging times they are still learning the messages that I set out for them to learn.

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