Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Scripture Heroes: Mormon

Today we talked about Mormon from the Book of Mormon. He abridged the Book of Mormon and his son, Moroni recorded many of his teachings after his death.  I thought Hope was a good power for him to have.  He mentions faith, hope, and charity in some teachings Moroni recorded, not to mention I think he had to have hope that someday people would read the writings from the Book of Mormon and believe in them.  You can download his Scripture Chart here.
We watched LDS Scripture Video about Mormon.  We also watched some other videos.  I had a hard time finding activities to do with the kids about Mormon or hope.  You can watch "O Ye Fair Ones" which is a short video with Mormon and Moroni.  A Mother's Hope is a favorite Mormon Channel video that we watched. There is also this video clip about hope.
I made this sign that says "Hope" and cut it out so they could put the puzzle together to figure out how what Mormon's power was.
 After watching the videos and talking about Mormon and what he did throughout his life I used these pictures to have them help me figure out which description matched the picture.
Tomorrow we will talk about Moroni.  Then we will have a week of a break.  When we return we will review those people we talked about in the Book of Mormon and then talk about people in the Old Testament.

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  1. Is there a way to get your whole series without individual downloads??