Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Scripture Heroes: Nephi Part II

Today we continued to talk about Nephi from The Book of Mormon.  You can download this Nephi Scripture Hero Chart that I made to help my boys remember some important people in the scriptures.  Today we talked about Nephi and the Brass Plates.  We watched the video clip Brass Plates from www.lds.org. 
After we watched the video I tried to do a whisper game that I found on Teaching LDS Children where you whisper in someone's ear and it goes around the room until the last person.  Usually by the end it is something totally different.  This is used to point out how important it was to have a written record like the Brass Plates in their possession to help know and understand the gospel.  The game did not go well with my kids, but maybe for older ones it would work.  
A Year of FHE has a great lesson called Nephi's Courage that I used to help me retell the story.  I also used Mormon Mommy's flannelboard story printables when telling the story.  I tried to point out every time that Nephi showed courage.
When we got to the part where the brothers cast lots I held up some different sizes of toothpicks and they each chose one so they could understand how that worked.  They enjoyed that.
 A Year of FHE also had some fun printables with her Nephi's Courage lesson that the kids did.  A Brass Plates Maze.
 Nephi shows courage in getting the Brass Plates booklet.
 Here is my six year old with his booklet.
Then we went outside and acted out the story.  I got to be Laban.  Luck me.  :)
We also watched this sing-a-long video clip from Living Scriptures.  Naturally we sang the first verse of Nephi's Courage from the Children's Song Book as well.


  1. Thank you so much for your Scripture Hero Signs! I think we are going to use them for a Primary Activity and I will for sure be using them for my FHE's! So nice of you to share them! Thanks a million!