Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Welcome to my first blog post on "This LDS Mom".  I have found myself wanting to share LDS related things with no where good to share them.  I have a preschool blog, but I like to keep that more universal although LDS things creep in there from time to time.  I also have a personal family blog, but not many people look at it so I thought I would see how things work out with an LDS specific blog.  I plan to share anything LDS, but most specifically LDS things I do with my children.  Sometimes I may just share photos, quotes, or videos.  
Meet my family.  Yep, I am surrounded by men! :)
 My husband and I were married in the Idaho Falls temple in August of 2003!  If it looks like there is a bit of a height difference between us it's because he is 14 inches taller than me.  Hopefully our son's get his height.
 Meet our boys. This is our oldest son who was baptized at the end of December 2013.  My little sister took his baptism announcement pictures.  I will share more about his baptism at a later date.  If you'd like to see my sister's photography facebook page visit it here.
Here is our middle man. He is currently six years old. I love taken some of my favorite pictures of our kids and adding inspiration or funny text to them.
 Here is our baby who isn't a baby anymore.  He is four years old!  This picture was taken my one of my brothers, who also has a great talent for photography.  You can check out his photographer on his blog here.  Believe me, it's worth looking at.
I am working on plans for the Summer.  I really hope that my kids get excited about it.  We're going to do a Scripture Hero Summer Camp.  I want them to get to know people in the scriptures better and they all love super heroes.  Stay tuned in!

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