Thursday, September 4, 2014


Our two oldest boys started a new school year not too long ago.  The night before the first day of school we gathered together so that their dad could give them each a Father's Blessing.  It is a special opportunity and I am grateful for it.  My husband said that within seconds of placing his hands on my oldest son's head, he noticed that my son's head increased in temperature.  It made me curious thinking about maybe when he feels the spirit he will always have his body temperature rise.  The Holy Ghost works in different ways for different people so maybe. 

Soon after school begin I noticed how awful everyone was treating each other after school.  I decided that we needed to remember to show kindness to everyone especially our family members so I found this quote, made a printable on photoshop elements, and hung it up. We talked about it as a family and have been working on being kinder to each other.  
Some days we do really well and others not so well, but I think having this quote hanging up for the kids to look at helps.  I know it at least helps me to remember to be kinder to my children.  No matter how tired, stressed, sick, or sad we feel we should always try to be kind.  It is definitely something I need to remember.

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