Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Parables: The Parable of the Lost Coin

Today we talked about the Parable of the Lost Coin.  It is a short parable that goes along with the Parable of the Lost Sheep.  In fact in the Primary 7 manual lesson 19 combines those along with the Prodigal Son (which we will talk about tomorrow).  I wanted to spend a little time on each one though so I didn't clump them together.

Here are some video clips we watched:

We also read this online illustrated story of the Lost Coin and talked about the meaning behind the parable.

I didn't want to hide coins for them to find since we did that with sheep yesterday so we played a game that I grew up playing with my family called "Penny, Penny.  Who Has the Penny?"  One person has a penny (we said "coin" instead) and each player has their hands like my kids do in this picture.
 The person with the penny pretends to pass the penny off into one players hand, but will actually drop it in one of the hands.  The goal is to trick people into thinking that someone else has the penny.  After the person has gone through each player they ask, "Penny, penny.  Who has the penny?"  Everyone tries to guess.  The person who actually has it can try to throw people off by guessing other players.  Then when you discover who has the penny it is their turn to pass it off to someone else.
 My boys also did this coloring page of the woman with the coin she had lost with her friends.
These sites are also helpful in finding ideas for this parable.

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