Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Parables: Parable of the Lost Sheep

Today we talked about the Parable of the Lost Sheep.  
We watched these videos:

I hid sheep around the room so they could practice being a shepherd looking for their lost sheep.  They did that many times taking turns who lost the sheep and who found them again.  You can find this and other ideas here.

I read this story from The Friend Magazine called "You Found Me, Bishop!"  It is a story about President Monson as a bishop gathering a lost sheep.  We discussed ways we can be a friend at church and at school to everyone and also ways we could make people feel welcome and wanted at church.  

We made some edible sheep.  We used pretzels for the legs and marshmallows for the body, head, tail, and ears.  We attached them by using pretzels, you could also use toothpicks.
Here's a close up of my youngest's sheep. They had fun making and eating these little guys.
 We made this cute sheep craft as well.
Here are some other helpful links:

We sang "Friends are Fun" from the Primary songbook and "Jesus Said Love Everyone".

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