Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Scripture Heroes: Adam and Eve

Today we talked about Adam and Eve and Agency.  You can download this Scripture Hero Chart here.  Before anything I gave them a choose whether they wanted to do one thing or another to help lead into our theme.
 We watched LDS Scripture videos 1-4.  These videos cover from before the Earth was created through Adam's life and about Cain and Abel.  After the videos I mostly reinforced the Garden of Eden and that Eve and Adam made the choice to eat the fruit and then knew good and evil.  We've talked about agency before, but this was a great way to remember it.  We played an opposition game.
 We also watched this video clip from as well.  Then we did a Creation coloring page.  We also sang the first verse of "Follow the Prophet".
We didn't do this game, but I think it is an awfully fun looking idea to go with an agency theme.

I'm not real confident in teaching about the Bible.  I just don't feel like I know the stories as well as the Book of Mormon, but I will do the best I can.


  1. Is there any other way to download the Scripture Hero chart? I want to do these with my primary but I don't really want to pay a monthly subscription fee to that website.

  2. Yes is their a way to down load these. I cant afford to pay a subscription I live on a limited budget.