Thursday, July 17, 2014

Scripture Heroes: Moses

I felt like we tried to squish too much story about Joseph into one day so I spread things out a little bit when talking about Moses.  You can download Moses' Scripture Hero Chart here.
Over the course of a few days we watched the LDS Scripture videos for the Old Testament 15-22.  Here is a fun coloring page that is of Baby Moses and Moses with the Ten Commandments.
 A Year of FHE has a lesson about the Moses that is helpful.  We also talked about President Uchtdorf's talking about Judging Others and how we need to stop doing things that bring others down.  We made stop signs to remind ourselves of that.  Check out the idea here.
 We got more familiar with the Ten Commandments.  I don't have links for either of these pictures because they were resources given to me by my mother.  Chicken Scratch 'N Sniff has a great list of resources.

My kids have gotten whiney about doing our Scripture Hero stuff and so I am cutting back on the number of activities we do in hopes that they are still interested in the story and become familiar with it without growing tired of it.

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