Friday, July 11, 2014

Scripture Heroes: Joseph Sold into Eygpt

Today we talked about Joseph.  We could spend a lot of time on him, but we just talked about him today and how he had a lot of integrity.  This was a new word for my kids so we talked about what that means.  You can download this chart here.
 We watched the 3 LDS scripture videos about Joseph.  I also used  A Year of FHE's lesson on Joseph to help retell the story of Joseph life and the kids drew their own coat of many colors from a free printable there.
I wanted to let my boys make their own "coats of many colors", but I forgot to go looking for large paper brown bags so I used some large rolled paper I had on hand.  They look more like ponchos, but they had a great time.  They all started with painting, but grew tired of that and switched to coloring with markers.
They had fun doing both sides.
Another completely awesome source comes from Sugardoodle's site.  She has a whole week dealing with Joseph and includes some very educational ideas with it.

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