Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Scripture Heroes: Esther

Today we talked about Queen Esther and fasting.  I know that Esther is often linked with courage or bravery and rightly so, but I was trying to come up with different powers for our scripture heroes.  Since Esther spent three days fasting and encouraged her people to fast as well I thought it was a good time to talk about it.  You can download her Scripture Hero Chart here.
We watched the LDS Scripture Story video of Esther. The church also has a video about Esther that's nearly 14 minutes long.  We also watched Veggie Tales:  Esther, the Girl Who Becomes Queen.

Chocolate on My Cranium has printable flannel board figures to tell the story of Esther.

A Year of FHE has a lesson about Queen Esther.

We also did a role play about fasting to help the children understand the concept a little better.  You can find it in this FHE Fasting Lesson.

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